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Playjoy Privacy policy


Last Updated on: 2024-06-12


1.The Brief

For a detailed understanding of how we handle personal information, including the types of information we collect and their respective uses, please refer to the complete "Playjoy Privacy Policy." Our Google Developer Name is "Playjoy" (hereafter referred to as "we" or "us"). For any matters related to personal data protection, please contact Joyce at

These Privacy Policies apply whenever you play a game that references them. Along with the "Playjoy Privacy Policy" and the "Playjoy Terms and Service Agreement," these Policy provide additional details on how we collect, use, store, and share your personal information while you are playing the game. They also outline the rights you are entitled to. The Policy are part of the "Playjoy Terms and Service Agreement." 



2.The definition of the word

2.1. "The Game(s)" refers to any game provided by Inspire Interactive Limited. This includes a wide range of games we offer, such as PC games, web-based games, HTML5 (H5) games, mobile games, and other formats. When a game is distributed as software, "the Game" also encompasses the related software and documentation.


2.2. The "Game's Service" encompasses all online operational services related to the Games that Inspire Interactive Limited provides to you.


2.3. "You," also referred to as "player(s)" or "user(s)," designates any individual who is authorized to access and use the Game and its associated services.


2.4. To provide you with game entertainment and support related player interactions, purchases, and other services, we need to collect certain information. This includes your game history, device information, login data, and more. By using our services, you consent to provide the following specific information for these purposes:

(1) Your age or birthday

(2) Your first and last name

(3) Your email address

(4) A password

(5) Game username(s)

(6) Details about the games you play

(7) Approximate location information

(8) Your game history

(9) Your device s operating system and version

(10)Identifiers for your mobile device, such as MAC Address, Identifier for Advertising (IDFA), and (11)International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)

(12)Your login data

(13)Any other information that verifies your identity, supports your requests, or helps us improve our services (e.g., survey responses or feedback forms).


2.5. To better safeguard the physical and mental well-being of minors and promote healthy internet use, we may implement stricter anti-addiction measures beyond the existing regulations for online games. Additionally, we are continuously developing and testing new technologies to enhance the protection of minors.

You can manage your personal information and relevant authorizations in accordance with the provisions outlined in the Policy.

We employ a variety of security measures to ensure that your personal information is protected in a reasonably secure manner.



3. Information We Collect


While using the Game's Service, Inspire Interactive Limited will collect information that you voluntarily provide, as well as information generated through your use of the service. This is done to provide and optimize our services and ensure the security of your account. The information is gathered through the following methods:


3.1. If you choose to use a Facebook or Third-Party Account as your Game login, we will collect the following information to enhance your gaming experience and provide better services. By using our services, you consent to provide the following information:

(1) Your first and last name

(2) Your profile picture or its URL

(3) Your user ID number (e.g., Facebook ID number), which may be associated with other information such as your name, profile photo, and your friends' identifiers

(4) User ID numbers and other information about your friends, including their names and profile photos

(5) The login email provided to the third-party account

(6) Nicknames

(7) Your login status, battle information/status, and achievement information within the Game

(8) Your physical location and that of the devices you use to access our Service

(9) Your gender

(10)Your birthday and/or age range

(11)Information about your activities on or through the third-party account

(12)Other information you have shared on the third-party account

If you access our Service through a third-party account or link our Service to one, you should review that account's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you're unsure about the information shared by a third-party application, please refer to the third-party application for details on their privacy practices.

The Game may display this information to you, other users, or your friends. Depending on the specific features of a game product, we may provide you with permissions to adjust settings regarding the display of such information.


3.2. To adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and policies, as well as the requirements of regulatory authorities, users may be required to undergo real-name verification before accessing and enjoying the Game. By using our services, you consent to the collection of your real-name ID and other information, including:

(1) Your first and last names

(2) Your age or birthday

(3) ID number

(4) Photos

Failure to provide your real-name ID information may result in inability to log into the Game or corresponding restrictions on your use of the Game.


3.3. To ensure smooth usage of our service, maintain basic functions of the Game, optimize game performance, enhance your gaming experience, and safeguard the security of your game account, we will collect the following information:

(1) Your device's ID and name

(2) Type and version of your device

(3) System version

(4) IP address

(5) MAC address

(6) Application ID

(7) Network type


3.4. When utilizing the Game's Service, we gather your game log details, encompassing:

(1) Login data

(2) Item logs

(3) Game battle information

(4) Records of friendships

This facilitates your access to game history records on your device, and enables us to employ the gathered data for game operation analysis, handling customer service issues, and conducting security analyses. Additionally, to enhance your Game experience, we may synchronize the aforementioned information with later versions of the Game or with other products provided by us that you may be using.


3.5. When you engage with the purchasing feature in the Game, we gather your recharge history, purchase records, and related information. This enables you to access and review your transaction records, while also maximizing the protection of your virtual items. Recharge history and purchase records are deemed sensitive information. Collecting this data is essential to facilitate the functionality of the purchasing feature within the Game; otherwise, transactions cannot be completed.


3.6. To safeguard the security of your game account and foster a fair, healthy, and safe gaming environment, we gather various information including your game identity, hardware details, operating system information, process breakdown records, and other relevant data. This is aimed at combating activities that undermine fair gameplay or disrupt normal game services, such as detecting counterfeits, scanning for plug-ins, and preventing cheating.


3.7. Based on reports and keyword targeting related to prohibited content such as pornography, violence, political extremism, abusive language, terrorism, and malicious advertising, we may temporarily store and filter information exchanged between players via text, images, voice, video, and other means within the Game. This is done to maintain a healthy online environment and ensure the purity of the gaming environment.


3.8. If you opt to engage in voice and video interactions with other players and participate in live broadcasts, the Game will request access to your microphone and camera, subject to your authorization. This enables features like voice chatting and interactive elements during live broadcasts. Rest assured, we prioritize the privacy of your voice and video content, and you retain the ability to revoke microphone and camera access permissions at any time. 


3.9. If you choose to interact with nearby game players, we will request your authorization to collect geographic location information. This enables us to search for nearby players for matching or teaming up purposes. It's important to note that geographic location information is sensitive data. Declining to provide this information will only affect your ability to interact with nearby players; it will not impact your use of other Game functions. You also have the option to withdraw your authorization for geographic location information at any time.


3.10. We've implemented a reminder feature to help moderate game playing time. With your consent, if you use a wearable device, we may collect data like your heart rate while playing the Game. This enables us to issue system reminders when you've spent an excessive amount of time playing.


3.11. We may analyze your game data to gain insight into your preferences. With your consent, we may share this preference data and relevant necessary information with other products and services within the Inspire Interactive Limited Group. This allows us to enhance your experience by presenting content that aligns with your interests both within the Game and across other products and services within the Inspire Interactive Limited Group.


3.12. In compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards, we may collect and utilize your personal information in the following circumstances without requiring your explicit authorization: 


(1) When it pertains directly to national interests, such as national security and defense security, or is directly linked to significant public interests, including public security, public health, and public knowledge; 


(2) When it is directly relevant to criminal investigations, prosecutions, trials, and enforcement of judgments, among other legal proceedings;



(3) In cases where it is necessary to protect the fundamental legal rights of you or other individuals, such as life, property, and reputation, but obtaining consent from you or the relevant individual is impractical or challenging;


(4) Where the personal information we collected is disclosed to the public by yourself;


(5) When the personal information is obtained through legitimate and public channels, such as credible news reports or government information disclosure;


(6) When it is necessary to enter into and fulfill a contract based on your requests;


(7) When it is essential to ensure the safe and stable operation of the products or services we provide, including the detection and resolution of any malfunctions in such products or services. Rest assured, we will maintain the security of your personal information and ensure that it is not utilized for any other purposes.


(8) When it is necessary to carry out statistical or academic research for the public interest, and when presenting the findings of such research externally, personal information contained in the results will be de-identified using appropriate methods. This information will not be utilized for any other purposes or activities.


(9) Any other circumstances as mandated by laws and regulations.



3.13. We want to emphasize that our functions and services are continuously evolving and expanding. If your information is collected for a function or service not explicitly mentioned above, we will provide detailed explanations regarding the content, scope, and purpose of such collection through prompts, interactive processes, website announcements, and other means. This is done to ensure that we obtain your consent appropriately.


Currently, apart from gathering game research data from third-party research organizations to enhance our game products and offer personalized services, and aside from your use of Third-Party Accounts to log in to the Game as outlined in Section 1.1, we do not actively seek your personal information from any third party outside of the Inspire Interactive Limited Group. In the future, if the Game necessitates the indirect acquisition and processing of your personal information from a third party outside of the Inspire Interactive Limited Group, we will adhere strictly to relevant laws and regulations. We will ensure that the said third party obtains your consent and guarantees the legality of the information provided.


4.Storage of Information


4.1. Storage Method and Duration of Information

We maintain a secure approach to storing your information, which involves local storage methods such as data caching via the app, as well as utilizing databases and server logs.

Typically, we only retain your information for a duration necessary to fulfill the purpose of delivering our services or as mandated by laws and regulations.


4.2. Location of Information Storage

Personal information collected will be stored on Amazon servers located in Singapore, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


4.3. Notice of Product or Service Termination

Should the operation of a product or service be discontinued, we will issue an announcement in accordance with pertinent laws and regulations. Rest assured, we will safeguard your legitimate rights and interests throughout the process. 


5.Information Security


5.1. Security Measures

We are committed to safeguarding user information to prevent any instances of data leakage, loss, misuse, unauthorized access, or disclosure. To achieve this, we employ a variety of security measures, including technical solutions, robust management systems, and security guarantees.

For clarity, it's important to note that all our game products are purely for entertainment purposes and do not involve monetary transactions. Any in-game currency or items are intended solely for enjoyment within the Game.

We implement cutting-edge technical safeguards within the industry, such as firewalls, encryption protocols (e.g., SSL), de-identification, anonymization, and access controls. Additionally, we continuously enhance the security capabilities of the software installed on your devices. For instance, we conduct local encryption processes on your devices to ensure secure transmission and monitor the applications installed on your devices to detect and prevent malicious software such as viruses and Trojans.

We have established rigorous management regulations, procedures, and organizational structures to protect the security of the personal information we collect. This includes restricting access to authorized personnel, imposing confidentiality obligations, and conducting regular audits. Any breach of these obligations will result in appropriate disciplinary actions in accordance with regulations. Furthermore, we regularly review our management regulations, procedures, and organizational structures to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of user information.

We encourage users to prioritize the protection of their personal information while using our products and services. To assist with this, we offer multiple security methods to help users safeguard their personal information effectively.


5.2 Handling Security Incidents

In the event of a security incident, such as a personal information breach, we will promptly activate our emergency plan to prevent its escalation. We are committed to informing you of all pertinent details within 72 hours of becoming aware of the incident or when there is reasonable belief that a breach has occurred.

Upon discovering a security incident, we will promptly notify you of the basic situation, the measures and remedies we are implementing or have implemented, and provide you with our recommendations. This notification will be disseminated via announcements, push notifications, emails, or other appropriate channels. If it is impractical to notify every user individually, we will issue a public warning through announcements or other reasonable means.


6. Utilization of Information

We are committed to strict compliance with laws, regulations, and our agreements with users. The collected information will be utilized in accordance with the Policy, "Playjoy Terms and Service Agreement," and "Playjoy Privacy Policy" to enhance our service delivery and provide you with an improved user experience.


6.1. Guidelines for Information Usage

Our utilization of collected information adheres to the following guidelines: 

(1) We will utilize the information we gather to offer you a variety of functions and services, encompassing general gaming features, player interaction functionalities, live broadcasting features, and consumption options. 

(2) We will conduct analyses of our product operations based on factors such as your usage frequency and patterns within the Game, as well as information on malfunctions and performance. This is done to ensure the secure provision of our services and to enhance our products' optimization and service quality. It's important to note that we will not merge your personal information with data stored in our analytical software.


6.2. Seeking Consent After Informing of Changes in Purpose


We will utilize the collected information strictly within the parameters outlined in the Policy. If we intend to utilize your personal information beyond the initially stated purpose or in a manner that is directly or reasonably related, we will provide you with renewed notification and request your explicit consent before proceeding with the usage of your personal information.


7.Sharing with External Entities


Presently, apart from scenarios outlined in the Policy and "Playjoy Terms and Service Agreement," we do not proactively share, provide, or transfer your personal information to any third party outside of the Inspire Interactive Limited Group. Should the need arise to share, provide, or transfer your personal information to a third party outside of the Inspire Interactive Limited Group, we will seek your prior explicit approval, or confirm that the third party has obtained your explicit approval.

However, it's important to note that we may provide your login information and relevant data (such as login records, item logs, etc.) generated within the Game to overseas developer entities or pertinent third parties. This is primarily for conducting security analyses and aiding in the enhancement of game services to further optimize users' gaming experiences.


7.1. Integration with Bugly SDK

We have integrated Bugly SDK products and/or services into our applications to stay updated on our product operations and promptly address any abnormal feedback from you. For this purpose, we may need to collect relevant personal and sensitive user data from you, including installed applications, crash information, Android ID/IDFV, etc. This data will be provided to the Bugly SDK operator in a de-identified or anonymous manner.

For further information on how Bugly processes your personal information, please refer to the following privacy policy:


7.2. Integration with Umeng+SDK

Our product within the Inspire Interactive Limited Group integrates with Umeng+SDK. Umeng+SDK requires the collection of certain data from your device, including the device's MAC address, unique device identification code (IMEI/Android ID/IDFA/OPENUDID/GUID), and SIM card IMSI information. This data is collected to provide statistical analysis services and to geographically calibrate the accuracy of report data. Additionally, it aids in providing basic anti-fraud capabilities.

For detailed information on how Umeng processes your personal information, please refer to the following privacy policy:


7.3. Partnership with Mintegral

Inspire Interactive Limited collaborates with reputable ad exchange platforms such as Mintegral. When you install and utilize our product subsequent to viewing and interacting with an ad served by the Mintegral Service, they may gather information regarding your app downloading, installation, activation, or other in-app activities.

In instances where Mintegral operates as a Demand Side Platform (DSP) serving ads, we may collect and share your personal information with them to facilitate the analysis and display of advertisements, including personalized or behavioral advertising, on your device. This information may include:

(1) Screen size and orientation

(2) Device make and model

(3) Operating system and version

(4) Device type

(5) App version and characteristics

(6) Carrier information

(7) Network connection type

(8) IP address

(9) User-agent

(10)Country, time zone, and locale settings

(11)Mobile advertising identifier (e.g., Apple IDFA or Google advertising ID)

For further insights into how Mintegral processes your personal information, please refer to the following privacy policy:


Furthermore, in cases where a suspected minor engages in consumption, we will endeavor to reach out to the parent or legal guardian. We will inform them of the consumption records and other pertinent information to prompt their acknowledgment and resolution of the matter.

With the exception of provisions outlined in the Policy, "Playjoy Terms and Service Agreement," and "Playjoy Privacy Policy," we will refrain from publicly disclosing the information we gather. Should disclosure become necessary, we will provide you with details regarding the purpose, type, and potential sensitivity of the disclosed information. Furthermore, we will seek your explicit approval prior to any such disclosure.

As our business evolves, we may engage in transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, and asset transfers. In such instances, we will notify you of any pertinent information and ensure that the new entities involved continue to uphold the protection of your personal information in alignment with relevant laws, regulations, and standards, meeting or exceeding the requirements outlined in the Policy.


Furthermore, in adherence to relevant laws, regulations, and standards, we may share, transfer, or publicly disclose personal information without requiring your prior authorization or approval in the following circumstances:

(1) When such action is directly related to national security or national defense security.

(2) When it pertains directly to public security, public health, or significant public interests.

(3) When it is directly linked to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and enforcement of judgments.

(4) When it is necessary to safeguard the material legal rights and interests, such as life, property, and others, of the individual whose personal information is held, or of other individuals, yet obtaining consent from the concerned person is challenging.

(5) When the individual voluntarily discloses their personal information.

(6) When the personal information is obtained through legitimate and publicly available channels, such as credible news reports or government information disclosure.


8. Data Retention and Deletion


8.1. Data Retention

The duration for which we retain your personal information is contingent upon the purpose for which it was collected and how it is utilized. However, we ensure that your personal information is not retained beyond what is necessary for our business objectives or legal obligations.

Typically, we retain your personal information only for the duration required to fulfill the services or objectives for which it was collected. Most of your personal information will be retained for as long as you utilize our services (until you request account deletion), with the following exceptions: Contact Information obtained through participation in our promotional activities will be retained for the duration expressly designated in the corresponding activities.

Personal information associated with your account and/or the services you utilize from us will be retained for as long as your account remains active. We will make efforts to delete this personal information upon account deletion. However, certain records (such as personal information related to payments or customer service matters) may be retained as required by law or for accounting purposes. Additionally, information may be retained for the exercise, defense, or establishment of our rights.

In cases where the processing and retention period has concluded but personal information must be retained for archival purposes as mandated by applicable laws, such information will be stored separately from other types of personal information. If you request the destruction of your personal information before the end of its life cycle as outlined in the retention policy, we will dispose of it in accordance with local laws.


8.2 Data Deletion

You have the option to delete your account or request the removal of specific personal information. If you believe there is additional personal information that we process which you would like us to erase, please contact us at In your email, clearly state your account ID and the deletion request. We typically process such requests within 48 hours of receiving your email.

To delete your data, simply remove our app and request data deletion through the system's callback. This can be done by visiting your Facebook profile, navigating to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Apps & Websites, and clicking the Send Request button.

You can request erasure of the personal information we hold about you if you believe it is no longer necessary or if you believe it is being unlawfully processed. You may also restrict our processing of your personal information while we consider your request.

However, we may need to retain personal information under valid grounds specified in data protection laws, such as for legal defense or freedom of expression. If you have requested erasure of publicly available personal information, we will take reasonable steps to inform others displaying or linking to this information to also erase it.

When destroying personal information, we ensure it becomes irrecoverable or irreproducible. Electronic files containing personal information are permanently deleted using technical methods to prevent reproduction.



If you've identified a security vulnerability in any of Inspire Interactive Limited's products or services, please report it to us immediately. We appreciate and welcome all reports and will thoroughly investigate each one, aiming to resolve any reasonable vulnerabilities as quickly as possible.

To report a vulnerability, we encourage you to send an encrypted email to using your PGP key. Please include the following information:

The specific products and software versions you believe are affected.

A detailed description of the observed behavior and the expected behavior.

A numbered list of steps to replicate the issue or a video demonstration if reproducing the steps is challenging.

Upon receiving your report, you'll receive an automatic response confirming that we've received it. If further information is needed, we'll reach out to you for clarification.


10.Your Rights


While using the Game's Service, we strive to offer you tailored operation settings depending on the specific features of our game products. These settings enable you to manage your personal information effectively, including searching, deleting, modifying, or withdrawing it as needed. For detailed guidance on these operations, please refer to the instructions provided within the respective game products.

Furthermore, we have established channels to receive complaints and reports, ensuring that your feedback is promptly addressed. If you wish to exercise any of your rights concerning personal information, please reach out to us at We're committed to assisting you with your inquiries and concerns.





We reserve the right to make amendments to the Policy as necessary. In the event of any amendments to the Policy, we will notify you of the updated version accordingly during the version update process. We urge you to carefully review the revised Policy or its content. By continuing to use the Game, you are considered to have consented to the collection, processing, and usage of your personal information in accordance with the updated Policy.


12.Safeguarding Minors


We place significant emphasis on safeguarding the personal information of minors and are continually exploring innovative approaches to enhance their protection.

To uphold the legitimate rights of minors, we implement an anti-addiction system in compliance with relevant regulations concerning online gaming addiction policies. By assessing real-name information and other identification results, we determine whether an account is linked to a minor and may include it in the anti-addiction system. Additionally, we gather data such as login times and gameplay durations to guide minors in responsible gaming practices. Through automated interventions and limitations on gameplay duration, we aim to promote healthy online habits among minors. Furthermore, when transactions suspected to involve minors occur, we endeavor to engage with their parents or legal guardians to provide reminders, confirmations, and support, fostering a wholesome online environment for minors.

Moreover, in our commitment to safeguarding both the physical and mental well-being of minors, we may implement stricter anti-addiction measures aligned with relevant online gaming policies. We continuously research and test various technologies to enhance minor protection. For instance, we may incorporate facial recognition verification in select games or for specific users to bolster the accuracy of real-name authentication and deter minors from assuming false identities. Additionally, we may analyze game behavior data, such as click patterns and voice interactions, to preliminarily identify minors. For voice data analysis, only a portion of the online voice data is randomly used to determine whether it originates from a child or an adult. If a user is preliminarily identified as a minor, facial recognition verification may be enabled as per the aforementioned guidelines.

For parents or legal guardians of minors, we encourage vigilance regarding their use of the Game's Service and the provision of personal information with your authorization. If you have inquiries regarding the personal information of a minor under your guardianship, please reach out to us using the contact details provided in Section 11 herein.


13.Disclaimer of Warranties


Monetary transactions are not involved in this game; all in-game currency and items serve purely for entertainment purposes within the game environment and have no real value.


14. Contact Us


For any other complaints, suggestions, or inquiries regarding the personal information of minors, please direct your queries to [Name: Joyce; Email:].

We will promptly review your inquiries and aim to respond within 15 days upon confirming your user identity.