Playjoy Terms of Service


Last Updated on: 2024-06-12



This document titled "Playjoy Terms of Service" (referred to as the "Terms" hereafter) constitutes a legally binding contract between you and Inspire Interactive Limited, the provider of the Game's Service. It is essential that you carefully review and comprehend each provision of these Terms, particularly those that limit or exempt Inspire Interactive Limited's liability (referred to as "Exemption Clauses"), impose restrictions on user rights (referred to as "Limitation Clauses"), and pertain to dispute resolution and court jurisdiction. Certain clauses, such as Clause 2, Clause 3, Clause 4, Clause 7, Clause 10, and others, may be emphasized using bold text, colors, or other formatting methods to attract your attention. Acceptance of these clauses may lead to potential challenges, inconveniences, or losses under specific circumstances. Therefore, it is imperative to thoroughly examine these clauses before agreeing to the Terms or utilizing the Game's Service.

Your use of the Game's Service is contingent upon reading and agreeing to all provisions of these Terms. Should you have any suggestions or feedback regarding these Terms or the Game's Service, please reach out to the Game's customer service panel for assistance. By clicking "Agree," "Accept," or "Next Step," or by registering and utilizing the Game's Service, you are acknowledging that you have read and consented to these Terms.




If you are not yet 18 years old, it's important that you review these Terms alongside your legal guardian, particularly focusing on the sections related to minors' usage.




3.1. The term "Terms" encompasses the entirety of this agreement, including this document, the "Playjoy Terms of Service," and the "Playjoy Privacy Policy." These documents together constitute an integral component of the Terms upon official publication. Additionally, the Terms include the "Mandatory Terms of Formatted Terms for Online Game Services."



3.2. The term "Game Rules" encompasses user guidelines, player directives, game notifications, tips, announcements, and similar content, which are periodically issued and revised by the entity providing the Game's Service.


3.3. The entity designated as the "Game's Service Provider" pertains to Inspire Interactive Limited, denoted as "we" or "us" in these Terms. We are the source of the Game and its accompanying services provided to you.


3.4. "The Game" denotes the entertainment software provided by Inspire Interactive Limited. This term also covers additional games furnished by Inspire Interactive Limited as detailed in this document. It encompasses various game formats, such as client-based PC games, web games, HTML5 games (H5 games), mobile games, and others. If the game is distributed as software, "The Game" encompasses the associated software and accompanying documentation.


3.5. "The Game's Service" encompasses all the online operations and related services offered by Inspire Interactive Limited for the games. 


3.6. "You," also known as "player(s)" or "user(s)," denotes any individual granted permission to access and utilize the Game and its associated services.


3.7. Game Data encompasses a wide array of information produced while engaging with the Game and stored on the servers. This includes, but is not confined to, character details, virtual item records, activity logs, transaction records, and various other forms of data.




4.1. Please note that certain features, such as recharging or making purchases, may not be accessible when utilizing a guest account. If you uninstall/reinstall the Game or switch to a different device, such as a new mobile phone or computer, or if your device becomes damaged, any associated Game Data linked to your guest account may be irrevocably erased and cannot be recovered. You bear full responsibility for any losses incurred in such circumstances.

Should you opt to link a third-party account as your Game Account, you must also comply with the terms and regulations set forth by the respective third-party provider. Any issues arising from the use of the third-party account, including but not limited to account theft, must be resolved directly with the third-party provider. Depending on the circumstances, the Game may provide assistance as deemed appropriate.


4.2. You acknowledge and consent to the Game conducting authentication and validation checks on the information provided during user registration. The Game reserves the right to implement reasonable technical and administrative measures to ensure the safety and validity of user accounts. It is the user's responsibility to safeguard their account and password and to use them securely. Failure to fulfill these obligations, resulting in the loss or theft of an account or password, renders the responsible party legally liable for any damages incurred by the user's or third party's civil rights.

In the event that your game account and password are assumed, stolen, or used without authorization, you must promptly inform Inspire Interactive Limited in accordance with the Game's instructions and specify the required actions. When notifying Inspire Interactive Limited, you must provide valid personal identification information consistent with your registered details. Upon receipt of your valid request and successful verification, Inspire Interactive Limited will take appropriate measures as per your request or specific circumstances (including but not limited to suspending account login and usage, among others). You are accountable for any loss suffered by yourself or other users due to actions taken by Inspire Interactive Limited in response to your request. Failure to provide valid identification information or providing inconsistent personal information may result in rejection of your request by Inspire Interactive Limited, for which you are liable for any resulting loss.


4.3. You acknowledge and accept that to optimize server resource utilization, if your game account remains inactive for a period of three years, Inspire Interactive Limited reserves the right to undertake appropriate actions. These actions may include, but are not limited to, deleting your account along with associated Game Data and other relevant information, following prior notification.


4.4. The game account serves as the authorized means provided by Inspire Interactive Limited for accessing and utilizing the Game and its associated services, as per the provisions of this Terms. Ownership of the game account resides solely with Inspire Interactive Limited. Your rights pertaining to the game account are limited to its usage in compliance with this Terms, as well as any other pertinent account usage Terms and specific regulations stipulated by Inspire Interactive Limited. You are strictly prohibited from sharing your game account with any other individual or entity for any purpose, including but not limited to, transferring, leasing, or lending it out for commercial activities such as live streaming, recording, coaching, or any other commercial use. Any violation of this prohibition will render you liable for legal consequences and liabilities, and Inspire Interactive Limited reserves the right to take punitive actions against your game account. Such actions may include, but are not limited to, issuing warnings, restricting or revoking certain or all functions of your game account, deleting the game account alongside its associated Game Data and other relevant information, as well as banning or canceling the game account. You shall bear full responsibility for any resultant losses incurred thereof.


4.5. Should the Game provide a function for canceling game accounts, you may proceed with the cancellation following the official guidelines provided by the game. Prior to initiating the cancellation process, ensure that you fulfill the stipulated conditions for account cancellation, as officially announced by the game, and agree to abide by the corresponding Terms and regulations for account cancellation as specified by the game. It is essential to note that upon logging out of the game account, any associated game revenue will be cleared. Therefore, it is imperative that you appropriately manage any accrued game revenue or settle outstanding revenue prior to canceling the game account. Upon cancellation of the game account, Inspire Interactive Limited reserves the right to clear all remaining game revenue therein, including any future revenue that may be generated during the use of the game account. You acknowledge that the responsibility and consequences arising from the clearance of game revenue rest solely with you. The aforementioned game revenue encompasses various aspects, including but not limited to: membership privileges and levels, character growth and upgrade data (such as experience points, honor points, reputation points, titles, etc.), unused virtual currency, virtual items, and other in-game assets (such as coupons, gold coins, diamonds, props, etc.), as well as any unexpired or unused value-added services that have been purchased. Additionally, it includes any other accrued or anticipated game revenue that has not been fully utilized or consumed.




5.1. You consent and grant permission for the Game to gather your user information in accordance with the provisions outlined in this Terms. This may include your real-name registration details, Game Data associated with your game account, and any other information provided by you during your utilization of Inspire Interactive Limited's services. Additionally, the Game may collect pertinent information aimed at enhancing information security and optimizing user experience. The collection of your user information by the Game will adhere to the guidelines set forth in this Terms, as well as relevant laws and regulations.

The gathered information will be stored on cloud servers for a duration of 15 days. The purposes and scope of utilization are outlined as follows:

5.1.1. Personal Information Disclosure

You agree to furnish specific personal information for the following purposes:

(1) Age or date of birth

(2) First and last names

(3) Email address

(4) Password

(5) Game username(s)

(6) Game preferences and history

(7) Login credentials

(8) Any additional details essential for account verification or to facilitate the support you require, or information provided to enhance our service (such as responses to online surveys or feedback forms).


Upon using our Service, you have the option to create a player profile visible to other players. Your profile may contain:

(1) Profile photo

(2) Game username(s)

(3) Gender

(4) Age or age range

(5) General location details

(6) Links to social media profiles

(7) Information regarding your gaming preferences.


You can also provide personal information through various other means, including:

(1) Participation in surveys or research initiatives

(2) Entry into contests or sweepstakes

(3) Engagement on social media platforms

(4) Participation in group communications or chats

(5) Attendance at conferences, conventions, and similar events.


5.1.2. You agree to provide specific information for the following purpose:

We may gather or receive information about you from external sources, such as third-party accounts like Facebook. This information is utilized in conjunction with the details you directly provide us, as outlined in this Privacy Policy. The type of information we receive is contingent upon the third-party account, your privacy preferences, and, if relevant, the privacy preferences of your connections on that third-party platform.

We may gather and retain some or all of the following details provided by the third-party account:

(1) Your first and last name;

(2) Your profile picture or its URL;

(3) Your user ID number (such as your Facebook ID number), which may be associated with other details like your name, profile image, and identifiers of your connections;

(4) User ID numbers and other information about your friends, including their names and profile pictures;

(5) The email address associated with your login on the third-party account;

(6) Nicknames;

(7) Your login status, battle information/status, and achievement information related to the Game;

(8) Your physical location and that of the devices you use to access our Service;

(9) Your gender;

(10) Your birthday and/or age range;

(11) Details about your activities on or through the third-party account;

(12) Other information you have shared on the third-party account;


If you access our Service from or link it to a third-party account, it is advisable to review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of that third-party account. If you are unsure about the information shared with us by a third-party application, please refer to the privacy practices of the respective third-party application.



6.1. Our platform and associated parties may send cookies to your device during your interaction with the Service. A cookie is a small file containing data that is transferred to your device for record-keeping purposes. The information stored in a cookie may be linked to personal data. Cookies are used to enhance the quality of our Service, customize recommendations based on interests, and improve user experience.

Additionally, we and our service providers may utilize other technologies, including:
(1) Web beacons: These inform us if a specific page was visited or if an email was opened.

(2) Tracking pixels: These enable us or our advertising partners to advertise more efficiently by excluding current players from certain promotional messages, identifying the source of new installations, or delivering ads to you on other websites.

(3) Local shared objects (flash cookies): These assist in fraud prevention, remembering in-game preferences, and speeding up load times.


We, along with our service providers and other affiliates, may gather the following details through cookies and similar technologies:

(1) Information about the device you are using, such as its type.

(2) Operating system and version of your device.

(3) Identifiers of your mobile device, including Identifier for Advertising (IDFA), and/or International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI).

(4) IP address.

(5) Application ID.

(6) Network type.

(7) Referring and exit pages, as well as URLs.

(8) Type of platform.

(9) Number of clicks on pages or features.

(10) Domain names.

(11) Landing pages.

(12) Pages visited and their sequence.

(13) Duration spent on specific pages.

(14) Game status and the timing of activities on our websites or games.

In certain instances, we may link this information with your social network ID or the user ID associated with the Game.


6.2. You acknowledge and consent that, based on your user information, the Game or third parties working with Inspire Interactive Limited may send you various notifications regarding Game activities, promotional offers, and other relevant information through messages, phone calls, emails, or other channels. You have the option to unsubscribe from such communications at any time. To facilitate this, the Game may share your user information with third parties. However, we assure you that any shared user information will not include any Sensitive Personal Information or Privileged Information. The third-party collaborations mentioned here exclusively involve commercial partnerships, including dealings with game agents, telecommunications service providers, advertising agencies, and audio-video media service providers. Furthermore, the Game will not disclose your user information to any other third parties for purposes other than those mentioned above. 


6.3. You acknowledge and consent that, for the purpose of enhancing game services and improving gaming experiences, the Game may gather information such as unique identifiers, nicknames, avatars, friend connections, and other data authorized in your Facebook Account and other accounts recognized by the Game (Third-Party Account) used as your game account. This collected data, hereinafter referred to as "Information," encompasses details like your log-in status, battle updates, achievement progress, and more within the Game. However, this data collection excludes any information classified as personal or sensitive personal information under relevant laws and regulations, such as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 in the Philippines ("DPA"). The Game will only gather and display this Information to you, your friends, or other users with your explicit consent. You retain the freedom to adjust your account settings to disable this data collection and display at any time.

Furthermore, you understand and accept that, if lawful authorities request Inspire Interactive Limited's assistance in investigating your game account (including real-name identity information) and game-related data (such as recharge, consumption, and transaction records) in accordance with legal mandates, the Game may furnish the relevant information to the competent authorities.


6.4. You are obligated to uphold the privacy of others' personal information, including but not limited to, the personal information of fellow users that you encounter, receive, or access through the Game and its associated services. It is prohibited to gather, duplicate, retain, distribute, or otherwise utilize personal information belonging to other users. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in accountability for any resulting outcomes.


6.5. Safeguarding user information and privacy stands as a fundamental tenet of Inspire Interactive Limited. Unless stipulated otherwise in this agreement, the handling, utilization, and safeguarding of user information within Inspire Interactive Limited's services must adhere to the company's Privacy Protection Guideline and other associated policies. Except where mandated by law, any prior consent or authorization granted for the collection, use, or processing of personal information by the Game will remain valid for activities undertaken before the withdrawal of said consent or authorization, provided such actions align with the terms and regulations outlined herein.




7.1. Conditional upon your adherence to the stipulations set forth in this agreement and applicable laws and regulations, you are hereby furnished with a personal, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license by Inspire Interactive Limited to access and utilize its services. You are permitted to utilize Inspire Interactive Limited's services solely for non-commercial objectives, which encompass:

(1) Participating in the reception, download, installation, initiation, upgrade, login, display, operation, and/or capture of screenshots within the Game;

(2) Crafting a gaming persona, establishing an online identity, perusing Game Regulations, user profiles, and game combat outcomes, establishing a game venue, configuring game parameters, procuring or utilizing game assets, equipment, in-game currency, and comparable items within the Game, in addition to engaging in chat exchanges and social sharing activities; and

(3) Engaging with one or more additional features supported and conferred by the Game.


7.2. Throughout your utilization of the Game's Service, refrain from documenting, broadcasting, or disseminating any Game content without prior authorization from Inspire Interactive Limited. This includes, but is not restricted to, webcasting and broadcasting the Game via third-party software. 


7.3. In the event that the Game is provided in the form of software, you shall also comply with the provisions of Article 5 of this Terms regarding software licenses when using the Game's Service.


7.4. If the Game is delivered as software, you are required to adhere to the regulations outlined in Article 5 of these Terms concerning software licenses while utilizing the Game's Service.


7.5. If you violate these Terms, Inspire Interactive Limited reserves the right to enforce one or more punitive actions as specified in Section 2 of Article 6


7.6. You acknowledge and consent to Inspire Interactive Limited's authority to reasonably assess any user's infringement of applicable laws or these Terms. Inspire Interactive Limited reserves the right to take suitable legal measures against users who breach laws, regulations, or the Terms, and to retain and report relevant information to the appropriate authorities as required by law. Users are solely accountable for any legal ramifications resulting from such actions.



7.7. You acknowledge and accept that you are solely accountable for any claims, demands, or losses asserted by third parties arising from your breach of these Terms or other associated terms of service. In the event of any such loss, you agree to indemnify Inspire Interactive Limited accordingly.


7.8. You acknowledge and agree that all game equipment, game currency, and other game items constitute part of the Game's Service, and you are granted the right to utilize them under these Terms. Your acquisition and utilization of game equipment, game currency, and other game items must adhere to the stipulations of these Terms and the specific regulations governing the game. Additionally, these game items may have an expiration date, and even if unused, they may expire upon reaching the end of their validity period, unless due to circumstances beyond the control of Inspire Interactive Limited.



You acknowledge and consent to the authority of Inspire Interactive Limited to enhance the Game Service for users by making alterations, updates, or optimizations to various elements of the game, such as the artistic design, performance, and associated numerical configurations of game characters, equipment, and other in-game items.


7.9. You acknowledge and agree that, in order to safeguard the security of your game account and uphold a fair, healthy, and secure gaming environment, while you are utilizing the Game's Service, and in compliance with applicable laws, the Game reserves the right to access the random-access memory ("RAM") of your device and other relevant concurrently running programs through technical means. If any unauthorized or malicious program is detected that disrupts the normal functioning of the Game's Service, the Game is authorized to gather all pertinent information and implement appropriate measures against such program. However, throughout this process, the Game has no intention to, and will not, access or process any personal or sensitive information.



7.10. You understand and accept that, in order to maintain a satisfactory gaming experience for both you and other users, the Game reserves the right to remove or clear outdated Game Data stored on Inspire Interactive Limited's game server. Such data removal or clearance does not involve sharing information with any third party during the process.

You also comprehend and agree that, to foster a fair, healthy, and secure gaming environment, promote fair competition among users, and enhance the overall gaming experience for all, Inspire Interactive Limited has established and enforces the Game Credit Score System. By agreeing to these terms, you commit to adhering to the guidelines outlined in the Game Credit Score System and any additional regulations set forth by Inspire Interactive Limited concerning game credit scores.

Furthermore, you acknowledge and consent to Inspire Interactive Limited's utilization of your personal information generated during your use of the Game's Services (including Game Data associated with your game account and any other personal information provided to or collected by the Game) for the purpose of calculating your game credit score.

You fully recognize and accept that Inspire Interactive Limited has the authority to implement incentive mechanisms and restriction measures within some or all Games and other products and services operated by Inspire Interactive Limited, based on your game credit score. These incentive mechanisms may involve providing additional services or benefits to you, such as incentive game rewards or trial opportunities for game equipment. Conversely, the restriction measures may include limitations on your game rewards, prohibitions on certain actions such as posting, or exclusion from ranking lists, among others.



7.11. In line with applicable laws and the Terms outlined here, Inspire Interactive Limited is committed to safeguarding the rights and interests of minors throughout their utilization of the Game's Service. This includes implementing measures to prevent minors from accessing inappropriate games or features, regulating their gaming duration, and addressing concerns related to internet addiction. As part of our Game Rules, we will provide User Guidelines and warning notices in appropriate locations, detailing game content, proper usage guidelines, and strategies for harm prevention. It's imperative for all minors to thoroughly review and adhere to these guidelines under the supervision of their parents or legal guardians. Additionally, other players are expected to refrain from creating or sharing any content that could potentially jeopardize the physical or mental well-being of minors while using the Game's Service, thereby contributing to the establishment of a positive gaming environment.


7.12. You understand and accept that Inspire Interactive Limited reserves the right to integrate your game account into the corresponding anti-addiction system and implement appropriate anti-addiction measures in the following scenarios: 

(1) The system identifies that you are below the age of 18.

(2) You log in using tourist mode.

(3) Instances where relevant laws, regulations, or policies mandate or where Inspire Interactive Limited reasonably believes it necessary to include your account in the anti-addiction system.


Furthermore, to enhance measures against minors impersonating others' identity information, we may implement facial recognition verification in certain games or for specific users. Alternatively, we may acquire your game account details from a third-party platform to analyze and record your gaming activities in line with our minor protection strategy. This enables us to assess whether your gaming behavior aligns with characteristics typical of minors. If facial recognition verification is required by the Game and you fail to pass or decline, your game account will also be included in the relevant anti-addiction system, triggering corresponding measures.


Concerning accounts subject to the anti-addiction system, the Game reserves the right to implement one or several of the subsequent measures in alignment with relevant laws, regulations, and policies, as well as the provisions outlined in this Terms, operational strategies of the Game, or reasonable requests from your parent or legal guardian:


(1) Sharing pertinent information about your gaming activity (including but not limited to account login details, recharge and expenditure records) with your legal guardian to keep them informed about your gaming habits promptly or concurrently.

(2) Imposing restrictions on the spending limit of your game account.

(3) Employing technical barriers to block specific games or functions within the Game, or limiting your gaming duration.

(4) Terminating or erasing your game account, along with associated Game Data and relevant information.

(5) Implementing any other reasonable measures as suggested by your parent or legal guardian or as deemed fit by the Game to regulate or restrict your usage of the Game.

(6) Implementing measures mandated by pertinent laws, regulations, or policies.



7.13. The provision of the Game's Service by Inspire Interactive Limited constitutes a commercial endeavor, granting users the discretion to decide whether to pay associated fees for accessing the corresponding services. Users may opt to pay fees as per the list of charging items provided by the Game, which includes but is not limited to purchasing virtual items or availing value-added services. Failure to pay the requisite fees may result in the user being unable to access certain game services.

You understand and accept that modifications or adjustments to the charging items or rates are routine business practices, and you are not entitled to demand compensation from Inspire Interactive Limited for any such changes.

Furthermore, if you use legal currency to recharge or make purchases within the game, or exchange it for virtual currency, props, or other items, you are considered to have acquired the Game's Services. Any virtual items or services obtained through such transactions are non-refundable and cannot be converted back into legal currency, unless mandated otherwise by applicable laws.



7.14. Inspire Interactive Limited shall not be held accountable for any harm you may encounter due to force majeure circumstances while utilizing the Game's Service. These instances encompass various unforeseen and uncontrollable events, such as governmental regulations, directives, or natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, or fires.


7.15. The Game may experience glitches in software, flaws in version updates, or attacks from third-party viruses, among other factors, resulting in data abnormalities for game characters, items, equipment, and currency within your game account or Game Data. The Game reserves the right to temporarily suspend the game account until the cause of the abnormality is determined. If the abnormality is traced back to irregular gaming behavior, The Game may restore the affected Game Data to its original state before the abnormality occurred, including seeking data retrieval from third parties, without assuming responsibility for any resulting consequences. However, if the data abnormality stems from your violation of laws, regulations, or the terms outlined in this agreement, The Game retains the right to implement one or more measures outlined in Section 2 of Article 6.5 of this agreement.


7.16. The Game does not authorize you to acquire game accounts, items, equipment, currency, or other services from third parties through purchases, receiving gifts, or any other means. The Game assumes no responsibility for any Third-party Transaction (which includes your actions of obtaining game accounts, items, equipment, currency, or any other services from third parties through purchases, receiving gifts, or other methods), and will not address any complaints arising from disputes related to third-party transactions.


7.17. You acknowledge that there are inherent incompatibilities among different operating systems, which are beyond the control of the Game. Consequently, any difficulties transferring your recharging fees or game data from one operating system to another cannot be attributed to Inspire Interactive Limited. You are solely responsible for any loss of recharging fees or game data incurred due to switching between different operating systems.



7.18. You acknowledge that within the Game, there might be obligatory battle areas or gameplay sessions. If you choose not to participate in such mandatory battles, you should refrain from accessing these specific games or battle zones. By entering these areas, you automatically consent to the terms of the battle gameplay and agree to accept any resulting outcomes.


7.19. In the event of a decision to terminate the operation of the Game, whether due to the discretion of Inspire Interactive Limited or other reasons, appropriate measures will be taken in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations concerning the conclusion of online games in the respective country. This is aimed at safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the users.



If you think you've found a potential security issue in our Game products or services, we encourage you to let us know right away. We value and investigate all reports, aiming to address any reasonable vulnerabilities promptly.

To report a vulnerability, please send email to Include the following details:

(1) The specific products and versions you believe are affected.

(2) Describe the observed behavior and what you expected.

(3) Provide a numbered list of steps to replicate the issue or a video demonstration if reproducing the steps is complex.

Upon receiving your report, you'll get an automated acknowledgment confirming its receipt. If further details are needed, we'll reach out to you for clarification.




9.1. To access the Game's Service, you may need to download and install specific software. You can get this software directly from the Game's official websites or from authorized third parties. However, if you download the Game or a similarly named game from an unauthorized third party, it will be considered as lacking a license from Inspire Interactive Limited. In such cases, Inspire Interactive Limited cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the game or provide compensation for any resulting damages.


9.2. Inspire Interactive Limited may create various software versions tailored for different terminal devices or operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry, Nintendo Switch, and others. You have the option to select the suitable version for your device, and upon downloading the installation program, you should carefully follow the provided instructions to install the program correctly.



9.3. If the Game is presented as software, Inspire Interactive Limited provides you with a personal, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license to utilize the software. You are permitted to download, install, log in, and operate Inspire Interactive Limited software solely on one terminal device for non-commercial uses.


9.4. To enhance service quality and safety, Inspire Interactive Limited might suggest installing additional software during the game software installation. It's up to you whether to proceed with the installation of these recommendations.


9.5. If you decide to stop using the software or upgrade to a new version, you can uninstall it yourself. If you're open to sharing your reasons for uninstalling with Inspire Interactive Limited to help improve their products and services, please feel free to do so.


9.6. To maintain the security and consistency of the Game's Service, Inspire Interactive Limited reserves the right to update the software and modify or restrict certain functionalities as needed.


9.7. Following the release of a new software version, older versions may become obsolete. Inspire Interactive Limited cannot assure the continued functionality and client support for outdated software versions. It's advised to regularly check for and download the latest version.




10.1. You recognize and accept that you are accountable for all activities conducted through your game account, encompassing any content you share and the resultant outcomes.


10.2. In addition to abiding by the terms outlined here for utilizing the Game's Service, you agree not to partake in any actions that violate the intellectual property rights of Inspire Interactive Limited or that pose harm to the lawful interests of Inspire Interactive Limited or any other third parties. 

10.3. During your interaction with the Game or its services, you are required to adhere to applicable laws and regulations. You must refrain from utilizing the Game or its services for any unlawful activities, which encompass but are not restricted to the following: 

(1) Contravening the fundamental principles established by the Constitution;

(2) Undermining the unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the state;

(3) Disclosing state secrets, compromising state security, or impinging on the honor or interests of the state;

(4) Inciting animosity or bias against ethnic groups, disrupting ethnic harmony, or disrespecting ethnic traditions;

(5) Propagating beliefs contrary to accepted norms or superstitions;

(6) Disseminating false information, inciting social unrest, or destabilizing society;

(7) Encouraging indecency, explicit content, gambling, or violence, or promoting criminal behavior;

(8) Engaging in slander, defamation, or violating the rights of others;

(9) Undermining societal ethics;

(10)Including any other content prohibited by law, regulations, or governing statutes.


10.4. You acknowledge and agree to the following guidelines:

10.4.1. The online chess and card games provided by Inspire Interactive Limited are solely for entertainment purposes. You are prohibited from using these games and related services for any profit-oriented endeavors, gambling activities, or any other illicit conduct. Furthermore, you must not facilitate or enable other users to engage in such profit-seeking or illegal activities.

10.4.2. Unless otherwise mandated by applicable laws, regulations, or policies, the Game does not support any form of official repurchase, direct or indirect cash exchange, bartering, transfer, or other services related to virtual currency, points, or other virtual assets in Inspire Interactive Limited’s online chess and card games. You are also prohibited from violating state regulations and the Game’s policies by trading virtual currency, points, or other virtual assets within the game, offline, or through alternative platforms.

10.4.3. During your use of Inspire Interactive Limited’s online chess and card games, the company reserves the right to impose limitations on the consumption of game coins, game points, or other virtual assets within each game account. Additionally, Inspire Interactive Limited may restrict the daily recharge amount and gaming duration for each game account in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, or policies. The company retains the authority to establish specific restrictions or limitations within the game to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

10.4.4. You are prohibited from engaging in any activities that disrupt the stability and fairness of the game or impede the normal functioning of Inspire Interactive Limiteds game service. These prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:

(1) Illegally registering or logging into the game, such as engaging in malicious bulk registration of game accounts or circumventing server authentication.

(2) Conducting malicious actions that may lead to game server downtime, disruptions, or the exclusion of other players, such as launching DDoS attacks on game servers or manipulating other players' network traffic.

(3) Exploiting game loopholes to gain unfair advantages or disrupt the gaming experience of other players.

(4) Participating in negative gaming behaviors that adversely affect other users' experiences, such as intentionally harming teammates or engaging in disruptive gameplay.

(5) Using third-party software that undermines game balance.

(6) Engaging in abnormal game data performance that undermines the fairness of the game.

(7) Creating multiple game accounts using the same player, IP address, or physical address.

(8) Cheating behaviors within the game, such as intentionally avoiding bets or delaying gameplay to affect the outcome unfairly.

(9) Impersonating Inspire Interactive Limited’s internal staff or special identities to gain illegitimate benefits or influence other users.

(10)Using illegal or inappropriate language or character names within the game.

(11)Employing private services or plug-ins to gain unfair advantages.

(12)Spreading illegal or improper content within the game.

(13)Stealing other users' game accounts or items.

(14)Engaging in activities that compromise account security, such as trading or sharing accounts.

(15)Recharging games through unauthorized discount channels or third-party software not recognized by Inspire Interactive Limited.

(16)Engaging in other misconduct recognized within the industry or behaviors that violate laws, regulations, or interfere with the rights and interests of other users or the normal operation of the game.


You acknowledge and agree that Inspire Interactive Limited reserves the right to determine whether you have used illegal plug-ins based on your game data and abnormal performance resulting from the concealment or disappearance of plug-ins after use.


10.5. You are prohibited from engaging in any of the following activities unless permitted by law or with the written consent of Inspire Interactive Limited:

(1) Removing copyright information from the game software or its copies.

(2) Attempting to reverse engineer, reverse assemble, or reverse compile the game software to obtain confidential contents, including unpublished game elements sealed within the game installation package.

(3) Scanning, exploring, or testing the game software for bugs or vulnerabilities.

(4) Copying, modifying, or creating derivative works from the game software or its data, including interactive data between client and server terminals, using unauthorized tools or services.

(5) Modifying instructions or data during software runtime, altering software functions or operation results, or propagating methods to achieve such modifications.

(6) Using third-party software, plug-ins, or cheating tools not authorized by Inspire Interactive Limited, or creating and distributing unauthorized third-party software or tools.

(7) Using, copying, modifying, or distributing content in the game that is owned by Inspire Interactive Limited without authorization.

(8) Creating mirror sites or similar services related to the game, or providing identical or similar services through servers or other means.

(9) Using any part of the game separately or in ways that violate these terms.

(10) Modifying or obscuring the name, trademark, or other intellectual property of the game.

(11) Engaging in any other unauthorized activities without express authorization from Inspire Interactive Limited.


10.6. If you engage in any of the following actions while using the Game's Service, Inspire Interactive Limited reserves the right to take punitive measures as specified in Section 2 of this clause, depending on the severity of the situation, and may publicly disclose the outcomes:

10.6.1. Falsely claiming to be Inspire Interactive Limited employees or other special identities to gain unfair advantages or affect other users' rights.

10.6.2. Using or uploading illegal or inappropriate content in the Game, including inappropriate character names.

10.6.3. Disrupting the normal operation of the Game's Service, including but not limited to:


(1) Engaging in illicit and/or malicious registration and game login activities, such as mass registration of game accounts through deceitful means or unauthorized access to the game by bypassing server authentication.

(2) Conducting malicious actions that may lead to game server disruptions, including deliberate efforts to cause server shutdowns, disruptions, or to force other players out of the game through methods like DDOS attacks on game servers or manipulating network traffic.

(3) Exploiting game bugs for personal gain, causing harm to the game environment, or creating unfavorable conditions for other players.

(4) Participating in negative gaming behaviors that disrupt the gaming experience of others. This encompasses actions like intentionally harming or eliminating one's teammates, forming malicious alliances, deliberately losing games to reduce game credits, exiting games prematurely, evading gameplay, intentionally conceding points to opponents, and other disruptive activities.

(5) Engaging in activities resulting in abnormal Game Data and other actions that compromise the fairness of the Game.


10.6.4. Employing unauthorized server alternatives and deceptive aids to gain an advantage.


10.6.5. Utilizing tools such as game synchronizers, including hardware synchronizers for keyboard, mouse, etc., to control multiple computers simultaneously for gaming purposes, as well as any other hardware that may disrupt normal gameplay or affect revenue data (such as "continuous clicking device"), hereafter collectively referred to as "Cheating Hardware.";


10.6.6. Sharing illicit or inappropriate content;

10.6.7. Illegally acquiring other users’ game accounts and game items;

10.6.8. Engaging in activities that compromise account safety, such as trading game accounts, sharing accounts, and other related actions;

10.6.9. Unauthorized transactions involving game virtual currency, game equipment, game currency, and other game items without permission from Inspire Interactive Limited, including obtaining such items or services from third parties through purchases, gifts, or other means without authorization;

10.6.10. Recharging games through unauthorized discount channels, engaging in transactions involving discounted game items outside of the Game's official channels, or using third-party software unauthorized by the Game for recharges;

10.6.11. Violating any terms of this agreement or contravening relevant laws or regulations; or

10.6.12. Participating in any other misconduct commonly acknowledged within the industry.


The actions specified in the previous section may include, but are not restricted to: 

(1) Issuing a warning;

(2) Restricting posting privileges, encompassing global, regional, and public channel restrictions;

(3) Resetting content, such as forcibly altering or resetting illegal usernames, room names, images, or other unauthorized content provided or uploaded by you;

(4) Decreasing or restricting in-game progress or rewards, including character growth data (e.g., experience points, honor, reputation, titles) and the acquisition of virtual items, equipment, and currency;

(5) Deleting or deactivating your game account, Game Data, or associated information;

(6)Limiting access to specific game areas or features;

(7)Expelling you from the game, either from the entire game, a specific battle, or ongoing activities;

(8)Temporarily or permanently blocking your account from accessing the Game (referred to as "Account Block");

(9)Temporarily or permanently preventing specific devices (e.g., PC, mobile) involved in violations from accessing the Game;

(10)Suspending or terminating your use of the Game and its services, or notifying you unilaterally of the termination of this agreement;

(11)Initiating civil action against your violations, seeking compensation for losses incurred by Inspire Interactive Limited (including direct economic losses, damage to reputation or goodwill, legal fees, and indirect losses), or reporting violations to relevant authorities for administrative or criminal actions;

(12)Implementing additional measures as outlined in game rules (e.g., user codes, player regulations, announcements).

You acknowledge and agree that, due to the secretive and rapidly changing nature of game synchronizers and other cheating hardware, the Game reserves the right to determine whether you have engaged in the use of such tools based on your Game Data and abnormal behaviors.


10.7. You understand and agree that if your game account is banned in accordance with the terms of this agreement, the duration of the ban will be determined by the severity of your violation.

During the ban period, (1) any virtual currency, equipment, currency, or other items associated with your game account may become inaccessible; (2) if any of these items have a limited validity period, that period may expire during the ban, rendering them unusable after the ban period ends.


10.8.  The Company disclaims any liability or warranty concerning the performance of third-party services accessed via our platform. Therefore, the Company is not accountable for any damages or losses arising from the actions or inactions of these third-party services. This includes situations where a third-party service mismanages your data, identity, or personal information. Choosing to engage with or use products or services provided by third parties through our platform is entirely at your own risk and discretion. Please refer to the information below to review the terms of service of other service providers.

10.8.1. Bugly SDK

You can review the terms of service for the Bugly SDK by visiting the following link:

10.8.2. Umeng+ SDK

You can review the terms of service for the Umeng+ SDK by visiting the following link:

10.8.3. Firebase SDK

You can review the terms of service for the Firebase SDK by visiting the following link:

10.8.4. Facebook SDK

You can review the terms of service for the Facebook SDK by visiting the following link:

10.8.5. OneSignal SDK

You can review the terms of service for the OneSignal SDK by visiting the following link:

10.8.6. TalkingData SDK

You can review the terms of service for the TalkingData SDK by visiting the following link:

10.8.7. Topon SDK

You can review the terms of service for the Topon SDK by visiting the following link:

10.8.8. Adjust SDK

You can review the terms of service for the Adjust SDK by visiting the following link:

10.8.9. LiveChat SDK

You can review the terms of service for the Livechat SDK by visiting the following link:




11.1. Inspire Interactive Limited holds all the intellectual property rights of the Game, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. This encompasses all aspects of the Game, such as art, music, text, and other elements, as well as associated information and content. These rights are protected by applicable laws and international treaties.


Without prior written consent from Inspire Interactive Limited, you are not permitted to use the Game for commercial purposes or distribute its content through any information network.


11.2. If there's a user-generated content (UGC) platform within the Game where you can create and upload content, you must ensure that your content is legal and doesn't infringe on others' rights. You also agree to follow the rules set by Inspire Interactive Limited for the UGC platform.

(1) If your UGC contains Game content or other content owned by Inspire Interactive Limited, you need written consent for commercial use and must adhere to UGC Platform Rules.

(2) You grant Inspire Interactive Limited irrevocable rights to use your UGC in various ways, including reproduction, distribution, modification, and communication through networks, both commercially and non-commercially, within and outside the Game.

(3) You can only display your UGC on approved platforms and use it as permitted by Inspire Interactive Limited. Unauthorized dissemination on other platforms or commercialization is prohibited.

(4) Inspire Interactive Limited is authorized to take legal action to protect the rights of your UGC, including monitoring infringements, sending cease-and-desist letters, and initiating legal proceedings.

(5) If you have moral rights under copyright law, Inspire Interactive Limited may decide whether to credit you based on the circumstances of UGC use. You agree not to assert moral rights against Inspire Interactive Limited for using your UGC as outlined in this agreement.

11.3. Despite anything else mentioned in this agreement, the ownership and intellectual property rights of the Game Data generated during your use of the Game's Service solely belong to Inspire Interactive Limited. Inspire Interactive Limited has the authority to store and manage the Game Data. The preservation period for users' purchase records of game virtual currency will comply with relevant laws and regulations. For other Game Data, unless specified otherwise by state laws and regulations, the preservation period will be determined solely by Inspire Interactive Limited.

11.4. The Game may include third-party intellectual property rights. If such third parties have any requirements concerning the intellectual property rights used in the Game under this agreement, the Game will notify you accordingly, and you must adhere to these requirements.




12.1. Throughout your engagement with the Game's Service, it's imperative to adhere to the norms set forth by local jurisdictions and to uphold cultural sensitivities. Any actions violating these standards, be it legal, regulatory, or ethical, will incur your sole responsibility for the ensuing outcomes.

12.2. It's advisable to refrain from intertwining the Game with political or public affairs during your utilization of the Game's Service. Failure to do so may prompt Inspire Interactive Limited to suspend or cease its service provisions to you.




13.1. This agreement is signed in [Hong Kong, China].

13.2. The enactment, validity, execution, and comprehension of this agreement, as well as the resolution of any disputes related to it, will be governed by Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre ("HKIAC"). The applicable laws governing this agreement will be the laws of the Philippines, with the exclusion of any conflicting legal principles.

13.3. Any disagreements or disputes should ideally be resolved amicably through mutual discussions. In cases where such resolution proves unattainable, the matter shall be referred to Arbitration Centre mentioned in 13.2 for final adjudication.

13.4. The titles assigned to each section within this agreement are solely for organizational purposes and carry no substantive significance in interpretation.

13.5. If any portion of this agreement is deemed invalid for any reason, the remaining provisions will remain in effect and binding upon both parties.




14.1. Inspire Interactive Limited retains the right to modify the provisions of this agreement as deemed necessary. Any updates will be made available on the relevant webpage. Your continued usage of the Game's Service following any alterations to these terms will be construed as acceptance of the revised terms.

14.2. Inspire Interactive Limited advises users to steer clear of inappropriate gaming practices and to abstain from pirated games. Users are encouraged to prioritize self-protection and remain cautious of potential fraudulent activities. Gaming should be engaged in moderately to provide mental relaxation without succumbing to addiction. It's recommended to manage time effectively and lead a balanced lifestyle.